Apple Account

I don’t have to be hit on the head to know a good thing.

As the story goes, while sitting under an apple tree Sir Isaac Newton was beaned by a falling apple. Pondering what had just happened, he discovered the Law of Universal Gravity. From this discovery the popular phrase “What goes up, must come down” was coined.

Let us ponder the practical words of Sir Isaac Newton. Financial planners have long understood that as quickly as the stock market can go up; it can also go down. That is why National Iron Bank introduced the Apple Account. This money market account is designed to protect your principal. You will not only walk away with your initial investment; you’ll walk away with more. Guaranteed. The Apple Account is a great place to consolidate your account balances, earn premium rates of interest and your investment is FDIC insured.

To take advantage of a safe place to grow your savings click here visit one of our branch locations in Cornwall Bridge, Norfolk, Salisbury or Washington Depot; call us at 860-435-2581.

As an Apple account customer, you can reorder your checks online. Simply reorder your checks here.