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  • Interest-bearing Account
  • Online Banking
  • No Charge Online Transfers
  • eStatements
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000

Current Rates Content


Effective Date: Friday, July 10, 2020

Apple Money Market

ProductBalance TiersAnnual Percentage Yield (APY)Simple Interest RateCompounding Frequency
Apple Money Market$0.00 - $1,499.990.000.00Monthly
$1,500.00 - $4,999.990.000.00
$5,000.00 - $24,999.990.020.02
$25,000.00 or more0.020.02

Rates Subject to Change Daily

For Current Rates Please Call Your Local Branch
Cornwall 860-672-6623, Norfolk 860-542-5541, Salisbury 860-435-2581, Washington 860-868-0591

Account Requirements

  • Minimum $5,000 to open
  • Minimum of $5,000 to earn interest
  • Interest compounds monthly
  • Paper statement fee may be assessed but can be avoided by enrolling with eStatements
  • A monthly maintenance service charge fee of $12.50 will be imposed if the balance in the account falls below $1,500 any day of the cycle.
  • A charge per check of $.50 will be charged for each check paid through inclearing.

1 Transfers from a Money Market account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or online transfer, check, draft or similar order are limited to six per statement cycle.

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