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Savings and Certificate of Deposit Accounts

  1. Will I receive a statement for my CD (Certificate of Deposit account)?

    Yes, Certificate of Deposit statements are produced quarterly (every three months) instead of monthly like your Savings account statement, unless you signed up for e-Statements. If you logged into the e-Statements portal, you automatically enrolled in our e-Statements service. If you would like to receive paper statements instead of online statements, contact your local branch.

  2. Is there a grace period before my CD automatically renews?

    Yes, you have 7 calendar days after your CD maturity date to withdraw funds, add funds or make a change to the term before your CD automatically renews. You will receive a CD Maturity Notice in the mail 30 days prior to the accounts maturity date, this notice also allows you to mail in a request to change a CD during the grace period. You can also call or visit your local National Iron Bank Branch to review your account options.

  3. Can I order checks for my savings account?

    Checks are not available for savings accounts. You can order checks off your HSA (Health Savings Accounts).

  4. Can my savings account have a debit card?

    Regular Savings accounts are eligible for ATM cards only. ATM cards can be used at any ATM and used for free at any National Iron Bank ATM.

    Please note, an existing MasterCard® Debit Card for your National Iron Bank checking account can have most Savings accounts linked to it as a secondary account for ATM use only.

  5. Are there any transaction limitations or penalties on my CD?

    If you choose to withdraw funds from a CD before the maturity date you will incur and penalty of 6 months interest on all CDs except some CD specials. Please consult with your branch for details regarding your CD limitations and/or penalties.