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Free Convenience Advantages Content

No Extra Charge Convenience Advantages

1 Subject to credit approval

Financial Advantages Content

  • 0.125% Premium on all new and renewing CDs
  • 1/4% Rate Discount on Installment Loans 2
  • 1/2% Discount on Home Equity Lines 3 of Credit
  • $100 Discount on closing costs for new portfolio mortgage loans 4
  • $25 Discount on safe deposit boxes 5

2 Discounts may be subject to automatic payment from an Iron Country Checking Account.

3 Discount subject to an open and maintained Iron Country Relationship, and have an automatic deduction payment option from the Iron Country Checking; and an initial draw of $25,000 must be advanced as of the first business that a draw is available and must be outstanding in-full for a period of 30 days.

4 Must have an active Iron Country Checking account at time of mortgage application and must be a new portfolio mortgage only.

5 Subject to availability (Salisbury and Norfolk Locations Only).

Account Requirements Content

A minimum of $5,000 combined Checking, Savings, Money Market and CD deposit balance, OR $25,000 Home Equity Loan balance, OR $75,000 Residential Mortgage Balance to waive the $33.50 monthly service fee. Account may be opened with $100.

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